Premium Wood Pellets


Premium wood pellets for your smoker grill so you can create amazing flavors with your food. Competition Barbecue Teams swear by these pellets.



Premium Wood Pellets

Premium Gourmet Blend

This 8-lb. stand-up resealable bag of Gourmet Blend pellets is a great blend of black oak, hickory, and mesquite. This bag is space-saving for going camping, RV’ing, picknicking, and tailgating exclusively designed for the Davy Crockett portable grill.

Premium Gold Blend

This perfect fusion of red oak, hickory, and maple discreetly flavors your food without overpowering it. These are some of the hardest of the hardwoods and produce a long burn with modest smoke.

Premium Fruitwood Blend

This daring mixture of beech, pecan, and cherry (indeed, pecan is a fruit!) When you barbecue with it and adds personality to whatever you cook, smells sweet. This unique blend is preferred by competition barbecue teams across the united states.

Premium Texas Blend

This blend of white oak, hickory and a skosh of mesquite gives a consistent smoke. The Texas blend is perfect for you if you like a tinge of mesquite.

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Weight 28 lbs